Frequent Writing Errors Realtors Make

If you happen to acknowledge any of those errors, chances are high you have been perusing real property listings or web sites. Your: Possessive of “you”. Unsuitable, EVIL and Unhealthy. Take the extra time and/or cash and ensure those phrases are in their proper locations. You can’t force enthusiasm with rampant punctuation; you should have precise compelling content material. There’s nothing unsuitable with you not being at your finest with regards to stringing collectively sentences for listings or space pages, but if you submit malformed English on your listings or webpage, it makes you look much less skilled. This! Seems! Stupid! I am! Too many exclamation marks make the reader turn off and cease responding to them. Are to be used for titles, and proper names. Right, PURE and GOOD. You’re: Contraction of “you’re”. It makes you, as the writer, look ignorant and like you are making an attempt too onerous to get noticed. Actual Property is not a correct title; do not capitalize it until you’ve got legally changed yours to these particular phrases (though “Actual Property, your Anytown Realtor®” is a bit of much). Apostrophes are by no means for use for plurals besides in very uncommon circumstances, like the above “its/it’s”. They’re: Contraction of “they are”. There: That means “in that place indicated”. Their: Possessive of “they”. There are numerous frequent errors that Realtors® make with those slippery English words. When you are in doubt, seek the advice of a spell/grammar checker or a pal who’s English-savvy.