The Good Locations for Property Investment in Bangkok

Do not expect the properties to come cheap in this area. Rental yields are low in this area as property prices are extremely high and rents cannot keep up. However, many have bought, sold and pocketed healthy profits from the properties in this area. Property prices in this area have appreciated significantly. Thus this area is popular with the wealthy locals and the expatriate community. If you are looking for a condominium in this area, be prepared to pay a premium. Sathorn Bangkok. It is 2 stations located in the same vicinity. If you are looking for connectivity, this location is practically unbeatable. As a rule of thumb, the properties around here are easy to rent out as there are many offices in the area. It would take a mere 5-10 minutes to get there. Circle 11 Sukhumvit. It is still an extremely prime area. The downside is that this area has extremely congested traffic. When we mention city fringes, we tend to mean slightly lower prices for goods and services, less congestion and overall a more desirable residential area.

"Bangkok Budget"Sukhumvit is an extremely long road. Occupancy rates are high and as the city expands, places like this should see growth in prices. Many foreigners are looking at this area for investment opportunities. Ratchathewi is extremely well connected. You can access the light green, dark green and pink line. Prices are significantly cheaper in this area. The whole area is more local. Due to its connectivity, occupancy rates are one of the highest in the area. Occupancy rates are low in this area as many purchased the properties along the river for retirement purposes. There is a lot of effort in recent times to rejuvenate the area. The east side of the river commands higher prices due to it being more accessible to the city centre. However, fortune may favour the brave. These areas are more risky investments. Investors should take a longer-term view when investing in these areas. Earlier this year, the purple line started operations. This region is also developing. There are already many developers who have begun developing this area. Is very popular among the locals. Sales of new projects have been very robust in this area.

The city is going through some rejuvenation. Old buildings are making way for newer developments. Every few months there is a new shopping mall or sky bridge that is completed. This is where the rich. Affluent typically live. It is where there is the highest concentration of expatriates and wealthy individuals. As a property investor, we must always be able to identify the most prestigious district in a city. The people who live in the condominiums in this area are mostly expatriates. This is where the high-end shopping malls are located. You will have no problems finding tenants for your condominium in this area. The properties in this area are extremely upscale. This location was chosen because it was right at the heart of the capital. Siam is also the interchange between two train lines. This was how the street got its name. It is extremely scenic with artificial lakes and scenic pathways.

However, it was awkward later when I had to walk past all the fancily dressed folks sipping Champagne in the lobby lounge while I was wearing my gym clothes. Sartorial snafus aside, the gym was lovely. There’s also a stretching area and a lap pool outside with several lanes. The facility was never overcrowded, and the staff even grabbed me a pair of goggles so I could swim in the morning. On the more leisurely swim front, there are two large infinity pools closer to the river where guests can soak up some sun. The hotel offers personal training sessions to those who want it, and there is a mix of cardio equipment, strength training machines and free weights. Attendants are on hand to take drink orders or bring sunscreen if you left your own in your room. By this point of my trip, I needed laundry service, and I sent out a small load just before dinner; I received the clean clothes by the time I checked out the next afternoon at 2 p.m.

Members of the staff are friendly guides to the sprawling property and give the hotel a much more relaxed feel than the minimalist gray and black aesthetic exudes. This is a place where you can easily fit in wearing a three-piece suit and sipping a glass of Champagne in the lobby lounge, or just donning your casual Friday finest and swaying to the music at BKK Social, the hotel’s signature cocktail bar. Luxury comes in various forms, and this hotel successfully excels at entertaining the variety. My ninth-floor Deluxe River-View Room was an extraordinarily spacious place to spend a night in Bangkok. The bathroom was just off the entry foyer and featured a stand-alone tub (which I would use later in the evening to soak, sip a glass of red wine and listen to a new Taylor Swift album that came out that day), an enormous walk-in rainfall shower and a dual, black marble vanity stocked with dental kits, shaving kits and shower caps.