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"amazing phuket property"Pop was our guide in this city and she was knowledgeable, kind and caring which made our experience even more memorable. They truly tried their best to make sure everything went smoothly and we were taken care of! Everyone was amazing. We would definitely use them in the future! Many thanks to everyone that helped to make this an incredible once in a lifetime experience! We had a great time, and it was so nice to not have to worry about any of the details.! Both had excellent pools and breakfasts. It was 6 of us and they make us all feel right at home! This so far has been an incredible trip. The food is awesome and so were a lot of cool things we were shown by our knowledgeable guide. My husband loved seeing the monkeys as well. So many terrific experiences- the floating market, the beautiful temples, the train market just to name a few. She really looked after us and made sure to do a little extra to ensure we had an outstanding time.

"samui hotel"Working with her made the whole process easy. We are so excited for our trip! This makes it a good choice for couples who are visiting for their honeymoon. For families who don’t want to be bothered by the never ending party atmosphere. Each island has its own distinct beauty and unique terrain, beaches and attractions. Join one of the ships! The atmosphere is not too crowded, which is one of the reasons why people go there. There are various day. Feel the fresh sea breeze on the way, while enjoying the luxurious sundecks and indulging in delicious local dishes and refreshing beverages prepared by expert staff. Upon arriving, hop into your kayak and steer your way toward the spectacular horizon. Sunset trips around this magical area. Continue your fun-filled day with a chance to hike on one of the hills or sunbathe on one of the serene beaches before heading back to your hotel. Please check and confirm with the workshop prior to your cooking class. Take time out to treat your body. Consult with the shop to create your own spa program during your stay. Mind in a local spa shop. A program can vary between two to seven days to meet your requirements; this can also include spa cuisine of your preference.

Relax and enjoy a treatment in a local spa. He made our trip amazing! More than 1.5 million tourists from around the globe visit the island each year to enjoy the tropical coastline and beaches. We had a great time. My family completed bucket list items with his guidance. Ying was the best. The tour guides were wonderful as were the hotels you booked for us. She was really knowledgeable and kind. Very well organized. She had full knowledge of every location we visited. She was extremely helpful for our airport experiences, and made sure we arrived at an appropriate time. Made sure our itinerary was fulfilled as expected. She is incredibly smart. Knowledgeable about her home country. From the vast number of temples to safely traversing Chinatown.She prepared us ahead of time for every event we had scheduled and bonded with our kids, 3x 13 year olds. From the easy transportation to the great day itinerary everything was awesome. Will definitely look to use this agency again in the future.

Even made sure we were well taken care of as we moved on to our next part of the trip. Thanks, Ying! Sharonput together our trip. Was very helpful. Her experience and great skills got us very good hotels and guides. The whole team was incredibly accessible, responsive, sensitive to our needs and lovely to work with. Our accommodations were all excellent, and our guides were knowledgeable and passionate about their countries. Sharon the advisor that helped me was so thorough & informative and explained the details of the tour including questions about visas and what is included vs what is not included in the tour packages. I would recommend them to explain tour packages that would fit the schedule of your pending travels. End-to-end, the trip was truly remarkable and the knowledgeable and dynamic tour guides and drivers made it especially memorable! She was incredibly helpful. Answered all of my questions quickly.

Many boat tours provide quick access to adjacent islands and many more for residents. The walkways are lined with delicious unique foods, performers and hawkers. Tours through the islands include stops for snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking up to viewpoints that are picturesque,giving a panoramic view of the island chain. Many handmade artisans share their crafts of traditional jewelry, silversmithing, and much more. Changweng, perhaps being the most popular and lively on the island with tourists. Many of the real estate developments in this region are designed with the tourism sector in mind. Transport to and from the island is convenient. Then take a connecting ferry to the island that is a little less than a few hours. Koh Samui.7 square kilometers and has a population over 63 thousand..The island is known for its coconut groves lined beaches, dense mountainous rainforest and luxury resorts and spas. It is the perfect destination for anyone who is looking for a tropical escape or a dream retirement by the sea. Island life is quite appealing and a wonderful change from the hustle and bustle of busy city life and colder climates. As the ability to work remotely grows and becomes more accessible to foreigners, so too does the popularity of living abroad in picturesque locations. The mountains covered in tropical forests meet the rolling clouds to create a magical rain forest effect that is breathtaking. Currently the typical method when driving is via ferry boat, approximating a brief 1.5 hours trip, though the times and carrying capacity are limited.