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"samui hotel"The outlook for 2020 was not very optimistic at the start of the year: tenants who were no longer employed could not keep up with rent. Meanwhile, unit owners struggled to pay association dues without any more tenants. Many chose to return to their family homes or provinces, and no longer reside in condominiums in the city; this was so because many also lost their jobs in the central districts. Overall, real estate was not so much of a priority in 2020 – resulting in a significant decrease in property growth, value of units, condominium sales, and ultimately, a sudden economic recession. However, as we enter 2021, market analysts and real estate experts are looking forward with hope and belief that the residential market is on track to improve. This economic crisis also forced property developers to halt all projects for months until deemed safe – both physically and financially – to resume. The real estate industry has been slowly picking itself up since late 2020, with its steady recovery slated for early 2021 onwards.

"long term rental in phuket thailand"This has prompted over 20% to 30% in discounts just to clear defaults and existing stocks. As a result, property development is likely to slow down within the next few years. Discounts present investment opportunities for those who are in the capacity to wait until the market recovers to realize their investments. But in 2020, a lot of the attractions had to close up shop after global travel restrictions were imposed. Because of unsold units that were carried off into the next year. Demand dipped due to a lowered foreign demand. Although the market will start to improve during the year, it will not return to normal levels until the next year. Supply is no longer equal to demand, and a great number of real estate investors coming from overseas were suddenly depleted, even until now. And so, when demand dropped to unprecedented levels, real estate developers resorted to price-cutting to keep afloat. Consequently, the market will continue to remain weak until the outbreak is fully mitigated. Although the response is varied depending on the type of property and its location, the general outlook is still more favorable than it was in 2020, and buyers are now more motivated to start purchasing investment opportunities, with employment opportunities slowly picking up as well. From the year before, low and medium-priced properties and condominiums have seen an oversupply and with demand kept low, it drove prices down to the benefit of first-time homeowners as well as investors. However, the country – which is so rich in history and progress – continues to present very attractive investment opportunities, especially when it comes to real estate. 2021 presents the opportunity to start investing for those looking for capital gains. For luxury properties, these continue to attract foreign investment. With foreign policies allowing for leasehold agreements, these are gaining appeal to more investors abroad as a well-founded long-term investment.

The likelihood of it turning into a densely populated tourist redzone is slim, ensuring the property is valued high through the years. With that, more investment opportunities are offered at a great discount now, before prices are seen to correct. Think villas overlooking with great views overlooking the beach front.8% this year after facing a downturn of 2.8% last year. While its opportunity for growth is tempered by it wanting to remain unchanged, this island has the potential to be an upmarket island. With the prospect of a steady recovery through 2021, foreign demand will likely return and rebound when travel restrictions are lifted. Real estate properties abound in the past few years, driven by the growing tourism. Phuket is known for its rainforest islands, pristine beaches, and sprawling number of high-end resorts ready to accept the massive number of tourists. The island eventually presented an invitation to stay as interests grew from a one-week vacation to a grand purchase of a 2-bedroom second-home villa.

That is because the country’s first and largest resort island happens to be one of the most mature resort property markets. This has allowed further development in terms of infrastructure, helping support the growth of the real estate market along with it. However, when the pandemic hit, it halted international visitors and demand altogether. Until the travel limitations are eased up, property developers are now relying more heavily on the local market to stir activity. On the other hand, the attraction to foreign investors-owners is not lost completely, as it presents a renewed appeal to investors seeking it as a temporary refuge or a long-term pandemic getaway.9% by the end of 2020, however, is projected to increase 7.4% towards the end of 2021. Bangkok, being a regional hub, continues to be sustained by the local markets and its economic activity compared to the outskirts. Although the demand will remain in cities, more and more developers look to other ways to recuperate the costs of suspended sales activities, unsold stocks, halted development, or delays in the construction plans.