Can a Foreigner buy Property in Koh Samui, Thailand – the Answer is Yes!

"thailand real estate rentals"While land cannot be owned directly in a foreigner’s name, it can either be leased or purchased by holding it in a company that you control directly. That being said; provided you seek the right legal guides, and carefully construct a plan that not only protects you as an investor, but also remains well within the boundaries of the law then you will have no trouble whatsoever. When it comes to the property itself, these can indeed be registered in a foreigner’s name, particularly if it’s in a freehold condominium complex. The important thing is that you don’t rush in head-first. So, while there are many complicated laws in place; with the right assistance you will be able to traverse these muddy waters with ease, acquire new land and properties; while simultaneously contributing to an ever-thriving economy. It’s a truly wonderful place to live, with some incredible real estate opportunities, so slow it down and make an informed decision. Don’t shy away from the challenge! Put an offer on the first beautiful property that you come across. Nothing in life is ever easy, or free for that matter. But anything that’s worthwhile tends to take a bit of time and dedication – and what could be more worthwhile?

"phuket condos for sale patong"The ones we recommend are very thorough. Do you have any experience or stories about problems that foreigners have encountered? Then when they come to sell it, you have to resurrect the company which costs time and money. The usual problem is caused by not taking good advice in the first instance and trying to do things on the cheap. Samui is only accessible by sea and air, which is an advantage or disadvantage depending on your viewpoint. What property is in big demand? I think the benefits are very personal as the atmosphere is different in each location. The demand that we are seeing is very disparate with no one sector predominating, but limited in all price ranges. Taking capital gains, rental yields or quality of life into consideration. Lifestyle property, or investment property? Prices are higher in this area especially for land. There are a number of villa management companies on the island who can take care of this for owners. Gradually the infrastructure issues are being resolved. They are currently completing the distribution pipes around the island. Water supply has been dramatically improved with the new undersea pipeline from the mainland. Drainage to the roads is being upgraded and they are being widened and laid with asphalt. Samui is not perfect, but for many that is its attraction.

With a population of almost 65,000 people, it’s still fairly big for being just that, an island. Harry, thanks for having you here. The economic crash of 2007/8 brought the market to a standstill for a time. As stated above the market in the early days was extremely active but after the crash it slowed considerably. That’s why you will see many properties being offered at reduced prices. However, that is only part of the story as prices were already inflated after the boom years. We reduced our staffing accordingly to correspond to the reduced demand. I have seen prices for resale properties fall by an average of 20% over the past couple of years and some properties are still catching up on that fall and chasing the market down. Certainly these developments are selling well but they are taking money away from the resale market. I believe the resale market generally is unlikely to fall any further. There are lawyers here who do offer these services.

Many of the beaches have sun loungers available for rent. There are also great beach clubs that you can visit as well. You can easily have a massage on the beach. Thanks to the sunny days and warm temperatures, you’ll enjoy plenty of water activities like fishing, island hopping, and snorkeling. So they can get pretty busy. The island boasts plenty of vibrant clubs, bars, and lounges. Now let’s talk about accommodation. The water is clear, and you can see the fish swimming about. Both islands offer stunning bungalow resorts, beachside villas, and resorts. If you’re traveling in a group or with kids, you’ll definitely need more space, so booking a beachside villa is your best bet. Modern beachside villas, a spa, and both indoor and outdoor pools. Amenities: indoor and outdoor pool, a kiddies pool, an on-site restaurant, and room service. Free kayaking. Snorkeling rentals. On a very popular resort with massage, a restaurant, and an indoor pool on-site. Be far enough from the action to have a calm stay, but close enough to reach the action in 10 min.

Home » Koh Samui vs Koh Tao (Which One Should You Visit? That’s a hard nut to crack. Both islands are drop-dead gorgeous, dotted with pristine white-sand beaches, cliffside bungalow hotels, and an air of quintessential island living. We’ll start with a quick overview, and below we will go into all of the details. The island has plenty of small neighborhoods characterized by charming restaurants, elegant shopping malls, and high-end hotels. It’s easy to find restaurants with fantastic food, great massages available around every corner, and fantastic beaches with sunloungers available to rent. You can honestly make the holiday what you want it to be. We’ve found that the trick is to find the island that best fits you and your style of travel. Prefer spending your days on the beach? Prefer to be active on your holiday? After adventure. Fun but busy days? Along the shore, you’ll find plenty of diving schools and outfitters. Each island offers excellent swimming, snorkeling, and diving conditions, but there are a few key differences.