Nine Ways “samui Property For Sale” Will Allow you to Get Extra Business

"buying a condo in thailand"No paid advertising or false claims. We are paid an agent commission, but it is not until the deal is completed successfully. Some of the market leaders take the deposit. Our advice is that all deposits should be held by a reputable lawyer in the first instance. The need to be different. Hold it in their possession. Does experience really count? We are not perfect, but we try to keep you safe with our local knowledge. We have seen new projects go bust due to the mismanagement or greed of the owner / developer. Land title disputes caused by no road access or false claims by developers. Deposit scams where the step-payment terms give too much money up-front, finally leading to rotten unfinished structures. This can lead to lengthy court battles. Frozen land titles unable to transfer. Huge common fees and electric bills only identified after purchase. Even purchasers giving millions of baht to a developer without taking proper legal advice.

"phuket thailand homes"We provide you with our experience to avoid these pitfalls. Above all keep you safe from expensive mistakes. Experience tells us we know that it is not how many, but which ones we show you. Do they match your goals? Is the building quality a good standard, in the right area and will provide a good investment? There are other criteria such as security, legal structure and maintenance costs. This might then make them a legitimate contender for your money. We don’t throw hundreds of properties at you to see what sticks, only the ones that we feel are right for your requirement. The old rule book just got thrown out of the window. That’s why you need someone like us to help you understand, guide and advise you. Finally, we have got it right many times before. Firstly, we have 10 years plus of real buyer’s experience, secondly our knowledge is free for every client who asks us a question. If you need further evidence, then why not give us a call.

Our network of agents and lawyers, or construction companies will tell us a lot about who is paying, which construction projects are on time, or which sold off-plan plots are still only at the early stages of construction 2 to 3 years on. Either by the misuse of funds or selling properties at prices too good to be true. We try to keep you away from the bad ones. We don’t scrape the market like some agents. They call themselves the market leaders only because they list the most properties. My point here is that when a company advertises that many properties, how can they do extensive checks on all of them? And how experienced are the staff that show you around really? Don’t listen to the hype or the sales patter of the over friendly salesman. And have reviews on google business that are from real clients that have bought from us.

"rent apartment phuket long term"If you see a property on another website, then check with us first. We normally know about it. For example, some agents list everything, even with knowledge that the developer is unsound. Now we don’t do that. Perhaps there is a specific reason we are aware of why buyers should be wary. There are actual property listings that we are unable to advertise. In all circumstances we put our clients first. So it is what and who you know makes the difference. One of the most reliable developers does not allow anyone to advertise. It is updated often for new deals on properties for sale. Our small collection of some of the best properties from all areas of the island. We not only sell budget villas and cheap houses, but also luxury beachfront properties. And we don’t sell everything. And we check what we are listing. We use our best endeavours to keep you safe; introduce you to our qualified properties.