10 Best Night Markets in Phuket, Thailand

Page 2 - phuket 1080P, 2K, 4K, 5K HD wallpapers free download, sort by relevance - Wallpaper FlareFood is sold in abundance, allowing a newbie to try a whole range of things like fried, boiled, steamed, rolled food and many more. There is ample parking space at the back of the market. Hulk statues that stand at the entrance. 4. The market can be identified by the great giant gorilla. As the market is fully sheltered, it is an all-weather venue to come to and enjoy some retail therapy. The main market consists of vendors who sell the usual wares like clothing, swimwear, artwork and so on. Find great meals at great prices and other souvenirs. 5. Bearing a bohemian vibe and trendy atmosphere, the market carries a great selection of local and international food, fashion as well as other knick-knacks. This market is especially distinctive with its use of bright-coloured shipping containers as the facade of the shops. A stage is set up in the market, where live performances are held. 6. With a lively street scene including live performances, visitors here can browse through a wide range of products.

With a carefree feel in the entire place, this market carries products like clothing, flip-flops, shoes and so on. Prices are reasonable here and be prepared to leave with a bagful of interesting souvenirs. There are also other stalls selling things like unique trinkets and natural products like coconut oil and sandalwood products. 7. This nightly market, which is open from 6 pm to 11 pm every night, comes to life when more than 100 vendors start setting up their stalls, allowing visitors to browse through a range of items like mobile phone covers, hats, bed covers, beachwear and so on. 8. Come 5 pm, many vendors begin setting up their stalls and set up their products, such as fresh seafood and noodles. While delicious, the food sold here is also considerably cheaper compared to their restaurant counterparts. At this market, you can choose the seafood of your choice and then get it cooked or barbecued right before your eyes. 9. These include freshly cooked food, fruits and exotic snacks. While at this market, do also try out the fried ice cream. Just like all the other night markets, this market also opens up in the late afternoon. 10. Visitors to these markets will be able to find a wide range of products and local street food. You will be surprised to note that other products like natural skin treatment products including aloe vera and extra virgin olive oil are sold in this market. This is when vendors start bringing out all their various wares to try and sell. Come check out some of the above-mentioned markets to decide which ones to add to your itinerary.

When feeling a little peckish, you will be well taken care of at this market as well. 2. Shoppers will be able to find a wide range of delicious and cheap food in this market. Owing to the nature of the market with air-conditioning and a roofed area, prices of goods and services can be slightly higher. Indulge in a wide range of sumptuous street food like barbecue squid, other seafood and many more. A post shared by Nikolay (@kolya. Feel like a child spoilt for choice at the market with the wide array of goods and services offered here. A wide range of food can be found here, from fried chicken to desserts like ice cream and fresh fruit juice. Many famous brands are offered at this market. The market can be divided into two major sections- food and shopping. Their low costs will obviously give one a hint of the authenticity of these apparel.

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