4 Reasons to Invest in the Phuket Property Market

Fruits and Vegetables, Food, Plants, Art, Carving, Culture, ThailandThere are over 1,800 hotels and resorts in the entire province. Its pristine beaches are home to some 400,000 residents, but they welcome over 14 million holiday visitors by the end of 2018. Despite the ongoing pandemic, travel experts are touting the country as one of the safest destinations to visit once restrictions ease. It is easy to understand why tourists flock to the island each year, and why some never leave. Buying property can take advantage of its rising popularity and desirability as one of the world’s safest and most attractive destinations. The bustling commercial activity brings urban conveniences with a laid-back, tropical setting. Thailand also does not impose taxes on foreign buyers, making it an enticing destination for international investors. Some developers also offer timeshare properties. A light railway transit connecting the international airport to the resort areas promises to cut travel time and decrease congestion on the highways. Phuket has also established various commercial centers, health facilities, and international schools that cater to the increasing number of visitors and the growing number of people who call the island home. These structures allow you to invest in rental properties that earn passive income while giving you free use for a few weeks each year, giving you the best of both leisure and investment in one property product. High-end condominiums and villas are attractive because of their high return on investments, with some developments achieving a 6-7% annual yield. Tourism has not only benefited hotel properties but other types of short-term housing rentals as well. All these reasons are driving the demand for investment-worthy housing developments on the island. Sustainable living concepts set in the island’s most sought-after residential development. Visit our website to see our award-winning designs. Contact us to learn more.

2-Bedroom Penthouse with Rooftop PoolOne of the main reasons is that many of the first-time buyers who were going to invest in properties have had to take a detour for their securities in these uncertain times. 2022 may be an excellent time to buy an investment property. 1. So if you are looking for a good return on investment, a well-chosen real estate could be a better option than growing your stock portfolio. However, this provides a unique opportunity for those looking to either make a passive income and/or diversify their investments. Thailand is a country of contrasts, with natural beauty, ancient culture and rich history. 4. These changes can and will affect almost everything except for real estate. Thailand also has excellent educational institutions. A dynamic economic environment.3%. Thailand’s 1st smart grid property. With various landscapes and cultures, this fascinating country offers historic and modern homes at a price that is more affordable than other popular destinations. The real estate development provides renewable energy to power each villa but lets excess energy be shared between villas in a first-of-its-kind, smart electricity grid. The only sustainable villa development with 100% solar-powered electricity. Solar energy can be stored in batteries. All the villas are connected to each other, ensuring that no energy is ever wasted as any excess electricity is shared within the community through a smart grid. Used to power your villa at night. 482,000 (16. They are surrounded by common green areas complemented by small creeks & charming steel bridges. All these characteristics combined provide the ultimate green living without sacrificing comfort. WhatsApp – https://wa. Please note that articles are not posted to the forum instantly. The greenery helps absorb heat for the whole development while showcasing serene scenery at the same time. Can take up to 20 min before being visible.

The breathtaking sites, gorgeous sandy beaches, hospitable people and mouthwatering variety of cuisines, make this place an island of paradise. It is predicted that the price will rise even more. Buying real estate in a place about which you don’t have in-depth property pricing knowledge, can put in a position where you may get completely ripped off because you can end up buying property at as much as double the price. The injection of foreign investments makes the future prospects of this place brighter than ever. Property agents can guide you better. To avoid such problems and stay safe from regretting your purchase decision its best to hire a professional and experienced agent. Help you make a property purchase deal. You can avoid this by hiring a property agent. An agent has wealth of knowledge about different localities. He/she can help you buy property in the best suitable location for you. Before you hire an agent, make sure your agent is experienced. Agents with years of experience have great networking with other professionals in the same business and good negotiation skills too. References and contacts really matter in property selling and buying business. Therefore if your agent has good reputation in the market and strong networking, he/she can help you get a good property at an affordable price easily.

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