Beachfront Villa Phuket for Sale – Private Pool Villa, Coconut Island

Pattaya real estateWe have eight private pool villas for sale from the same estate. Some of the villas are absolute beachfront, some of them on the road behind. Located on the beachfront, nothing in front – steps from the garden onto the beach. All very similar layout and pricing. Access to professionals to help you with whatever entertainment, concierge, transport or villa maintenance you require. There is an automatic renewal on the lease for two periods after the first 30-years expire for all of the villa land leases. The extension is written into each lease contract with the landowner so can show it. Constant refreshing breezes from the ocean and north-facing means avoiding the glare of the sun and both sunrise and sunset skies. Villa owners also participate in the shared ownership of the landowner, along with the resort operations. Buy now and get the balance of the first 30 years, and look forward to two more renewals.

There are only 2 or 3 accesses from the 2nd road to the beach: north and south. Many hotels are just across the road from the beach, making it a breeze to reach it. Some are a little higher behind the first line of hotels but not too far. Note that some of the hotels facing the beach cover gigantic properties, so even though the hotel sounds near the beach, you might have to walk through immense gardens to reach it. Surf is popular during the low season, and there are a couple of schools with boards for rent. Parasailing and jetskis are available but less popular than they used to be. Karon beach life is mostly concentrated in the small town that runs perpendicular to the beach. Visitors can easily find restaurants, massages, shops, and beer bars. There is a night bazaar nearby too. There are two beach clubs. Kata beach seems to please families and groups of friends who prefer a beautiful beach with everything easy to find nearby: food, shops, beach with facilities, but don’t mind the streets and the beach being a bit busy during the high season.

Royalty-Free photo: Silhouette of hut near seashore at golden hour - PickPikBoth have their charm and atmosphere, so here is a list of the features for each to help you make your decision.5 km long in a crescent shape, a very soft white sand and a lot of trees all along. A small road runs all along, and there are only 2 hotels with direct access to the beach, so buildings have not disfigured the beachfront. There are beach loungers with umbrellas on 10 to 20 % of the beach, which should please everyone, those who love and dislike them. There are drink vendors under the trees. A wide road runs along the beach, and most beachfront hotels are across this road. There are a few restaurants at the south end of the beach. There are only 2 hotels on the beach. A few local restaurants at the north end. On the downside, you cannot walk straight to the beach most of the time.

Set amidst palm trees and casuarinas, the resort is pretty tranquil. It also offers other amenities like bars, restaurants, and spas. For the venturesome, the place has horse riding and an outdoor adventure training center. Want to visit an unfrequented, untouched beach? Then this is the right resort for your stay! 6. It is dedicated to providing the best services to its customers. 7. One can choose from a variety of rooms with the options of the ocean facing ones. It has a wide variety of rooms ranging from pool view, ocean view, ocean terrace rooms, deluxe suites, grand suites, to 4 bedroom grand villas. It’s thriving nightlife avenues also make it a big hit amongst party animals and night-crawlers. From kids, teenagers, to adults, the resort caters to the leisure of all with the variety of fun activities. Coral islands. Tell me more! Beaches, corals, speed boats, & temples.

12. It also provides a wide range of holistic spa treatments for one to rejuvenate. Other than common amenities like pool and gym, one can also avail special facilities like water activities. 14. The property has both one bedroom and two bedroom modish styled villas and the rooms come with cozy and chic furnishings. 13. Each villa has a beautifully designed overhanging bedroom protruding 6 meters outwards from the edge making it a unique experience for the guests to stay here. There also are yoga. Pilates classes. For recreation and fun, the place has an outdoor tennis court, swimming pools, and a nightclub. Adventure lovers can indulge in snorkeling, yachting, diving, and cruise during their stay here. 15. Andara has accommodations ranging from 1-7 bedroom suites and villas. The stay has self-care facilities like spa, body treatments, and facials. A stunning property in itself, it gives a feeling of staying in a secret hideaway overlooking beautiful sea views, making it a perfect choice for couples. The rooms are pretty spacious. Image Credit: Pixabay. Due to its location, adjacent to a national park, it offers excellent natural bliss. This luxurious resort offers all the villas with surreal beach-front views. Well equipped with modern facilities. 18. The ocean views suits offered by this resort are excellent for the rejuvenation of the body and soul. Stayed at any of these already? Let us know in the comments below. Image Credit: Pixabay. Enjoy the beauty of nature to its fullest while living in this award-winning resort surrounding with the casuarina and palm trees. As a tropical destination, the weather varies among warm, cool and rainy, without being harsh anytime. Phuket is the paradise on earth for the honeymooners.

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