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old townCurrently, we have over 200 active villa and home listings, all with properly documented paperwork. However, foreigners can own freehold structures attached to the land. One option is simply to acquire the land on a leasehold basis. For a total lease term of 90 years. While a leasehold may not offer direct ownership, it does offer exclusive rights to the use of that property. Leasehold rights are registered on the back of the title deed at the land office. A popular option of ownership is to lease the land. Put the home or villa structure in the foreigner’s name as a freehold. Additional leasehold structures exist, such as protected leaseholds and leaseholds with a share of freehold, which is explained below. The foreigner would be listed on the back of the land title deed. Yet another option is the work with the developer’s ownership structure. A good local property law firm can set this up within a couple of weeks. It’s popular for the developer of a new estate to set up an ownership structure for foreigners.

One such structure is called “leasehold with a share of freehold”. In this structure, the buyers are given a leasehold contract. In this way, the buyers become the lessee and, to some degree, the lessor. This is gaining in popularity. Remember, the property title is proof of ownership; therefore the quality of the land title deed determines the fundamental security of your investment. Land titles are the most common evidence to prove ownership, rights of possession, and other interests in property. It’s a fact, land prices have been rising at an average of 13% per year since 2005. And we expect this to continue. They are the only titles that can be registered for the right of ownership and or lease to exist. Investing in a foreign property market can be tricky at times and a local expert can help guide you through the proper steps and ensure a safe and successful transaction. We can assist you at our office or pick you up from your resort or hotel. The price of land has been going up due to increased demand, strict zoning, and availability. We will then arrange property viewing and inspections based on your stated needs and requirements. Our friendly and professional team advises and guides foreigners with reliable and honest communication providing a stress-free but efficient search process. When it comes to selling your property, we offer some of the lowest commission rates on the island similar to a discount broker. Whether you’re looking to purchase or liquidate a property, we will focus on your requirements, listen to your stated needs, and will work hard to achieve 100% satisfaction.

With its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters and year-round warm climate it’s not hard to see why people are drawn to this tropical paradise. From determining your budget and finding a reliable agent to searching for the perfect property and completing the purchase. It’s a good idea to set aside around 10% of the purchase price for these additional costs. Second important aspect of due diligence is checking your purchase property title deeds and ownership history. It’s also important to factor in ongoing expenses such as maintenance, insurance and property taxes. You should check the property zoning and use restrictions to ensure that it can be used for the purpose you have in mind when you are purchasing the property. If the property is part of a condominium or other shared development you should also check the rules and regulations of the condo development. Additionally it is a good idea to hire a lawyer to help you navigate these issues. It is important to verify that the purchase property is owned by the seller and that the title deed of the property is clear and transferable to you. Ensure that the property is a sound investment for you. It’s also important to consider the type of property that will best meet your needs. For example if you don’t want the hassle of maintaining a garden a condo might be a better option than a house.

This extensive guide will show you how easy it can be for you to own a condo like the ones featured on this site. Life is better in a condominium near the beach. Do you want an investment with dividends like family fun, rest and relaxation? There is no better time than now! Success is assisting people to achieve a lifelong dream! The properties featured on this site are all privately owned by families just like yours. Many of these families are using rental income to help pay for their place on the beach. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a condo, put our professional knowledge and personal experience to work for you. And the priceless part is when it is time for their vacations, they have their condo at the beach! This famous beach town greets over 17 million visitors a year, and many of the guests come back year after year. There is something for everyone here.

Nai-Harn, Phuket (1978) - Those were the days ... . Our huts… - FlickrAn experienced professional listens, is truthful and tells it like it is. Experience and knowing the market inside and out is a skill that takes many years to develop. If you ask a question they know the answers. You don’t want an average agent, you want the best. We want to make sure you avoid the pitfalls that are costly and be a winner with your purchase. It is the hub with the most attractions, restaurants and is known throughout the world for great golf, seafood and fun. If we go to work for you we want to be sure you get the most accurate and up to date information, so you can make an educated decision. What you have to pay outside of the monthly association fees. They are equally important so that you can compare apples or apples. You will want to know what’s included in the monthly fees. What you want to know is what ‘are my real costs to own. These extra costs are still costs that have to be paid by the owner. We want you to make smart decisions. Together, we will look at the properties side by side and back to back so that you can see the difference. You want to know what makes one property a cash machine, paying your monthly expenses for you, compared to another property that is an alligator, as you write a check every month to keep. The internet is a great tool, but it won’t answer all the questions! We’re not like other real estate companies.

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