Buy House or Pool Villa for Sale in Phuket Thailand

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If you are on a budget, exchange rates can make a difference in your holiday. We try here to list the different options available on the island, and we try our best to gather useful information. Of course, things vary a lot, but these guidelines should help to get the big picture, and we will keep updating them as we go. You may find it a little cheaper in those ‘unofficial booths’, but at least you will come armed with some info! Usually, exchanging money in your home country not is great as rates are not advantageous. In any case here is a good tip: if you need to get an idea of what a reasonable exchange rate is like, go to this page: ‘SuperRich’, these rates are among the best you can get on the island, and are always updated. It may vary from country to country, but so far no one reported it as better or even worth it.

Phuket 101 receives 250,000 monthly visitors on average (500,000 pageviews/month). 2. If you are on a budget, only change what you need for the taxi and a bit of extra cash until you reach the best option: changing in the streets. 4. Banks offer a decent rate but can’t beat the unbranded booths. You will easily spot exchange counters as you arrive. As those booths are often near each other, you can walk from one to the next and see the rate for yourself, then change where the price is best. We’ll update you as soon as possible with a few examples of what the margin is for some major currencies. We tried to take a mobile photo of their exchange rate electronic board, but they always switch it off with an angry look when we do! Must be good! As you can see from this photo, there is no bank logo or brand… We hate to say that unofficial money changer booths offer the best rates, but they often do. ’s safe to use them.

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