Condo and Apartments for Sale on Phuket Island Thailand

abode. Real Estate Landing page app branding design figma graphic design illustration logo realestate typography ui ux vectorTropical forests located on the coast, clean waters and beaches are what attracts. The island has a lot of resorts and entertainment, so investing in real estate will be profitable. On sale are offered: apartments, villas, townhouses. Their cost depends on the comfort, area and location. For example, some houses have a swimming pool. Also, on sale there are new buildings under construction, the cost of which is many times lower than in ready-made projects. The central part of the island is no less popular than the coastline, as it is where entertainment is concentrated. Developers make discounts for investors, so if you are interested in such an option, we are ready to help with the search. We accompany the transaction from the beginning, and until the receipt of documents. Phuket is an island, housing on which is gaining popularity every year. Contact us, and we will find an option that meets your wishes.

Estate is an affordable opportunity to invest money in liquid and profitable housing and find an ideal home for relocation or holidays. Many choose this region with a comfortable climate, amazing landscapes and the opportunity to relax on pristine beaches as a place for long-term residence. Thailand has many locations for a comfortable lifestyle. These are popular tourist destinations with numerous luxury resorts. These well-developed areas offer amenities for all tastes: beautiful nature, fantastic beaches, golf courses, beauty salons, authentic cuisine, architectural monuments, museums and numerous outdoor activities. Modern condominiums include a wide range of additional amenities, including fitness centers, sports grounds and tennis courts, access to a private beach, swimming pools, saunas, and children’s play areas. However, prices depend on the type of the property and its living space. The more comfortable the housing is, the higher its cost is. A villa in this country can be purchased for $250,000.

At such prices, you can buy a small house a bit further from the beach while a spacious villa with a private pool and private garden can cost up to $1 million. Foreign property hunters are allowed to buy the remaining 49% of units. Therefore, it is more profitable to purchase off-plan housing since you have more chances to be one of 49% of foreigner property owners. The leasehold option does not limit the owner’s rights to own and dispose of housing. Nationals of other countries are not allowed to own land, so a house or villa with a land plot can be leased for a long term, which can be extended in the future. The owner has a right to resell or rent it out. Investment property can ensure you not only rental income but you can also gain profit when reselling it. Apartments at the start of sales are considerably cheaper than after handover. We constantly update our housing collection to ensure you only up-to-date information. Affordable prices. Before the start of the pandemic, in some regions it reached 10-15%. With the recovery of the tourist flow, the figures are recovering to the pre-pandemic level. With our easy-to-use search system, you select housing by type, location, cost and many other parameters. You can view the prices in dollars and euros. On Thailand-Real. Check out the latest deals today.

Real estate investment all over the world is very much about the location, although the inexperienced investor continues to make the mistake of allowing their judgement to be clouded by price. Florida, as much as anywhere else, is the place to look long term and by taking into account subsequent re-sale prices based on the location, it will greatly improve overall value. Additionally, they make a terrific second income stream for those who buy to rent. Anybody new to the real estate investment game and lacking in significant funding, would be well advised to steer clear of this type of financial commitment in the first instance. These properties are almost guaranteed to resell at a significant profit. This is due to the fact that there is a need to take into account the downturn in the winter months, which can stretch for as much as five or even six months, meaning repayments can become something of a millstone.

F.A.Q. But please contact us for re-sales. The apartments are large and comfortable with lovely views of the pools and natural landscaping. Rental opportunities. It has all the amenities of a major resort along with the natural beauty of native landscaping and a world class beach. It’s a great spot for a second home or primary residence. I love the pool and the quality of the community is 1st class. Job well done to the developer and the committee. The apartments are superb and the area and grounds are so peaceful, house for sale patong just the tonic needed after a hard day at work. It is in a low density area. It is very well situated on high ground with extensive views, some of the ocean. Possibly one of the best areas on the island. A tennis court and small golf pitch and putt complete the extensive facilities. The apartments are large and spacious, well designed and finished to a high quality. This is easy living at its best. The gated development has beautiful mature gardens as well as a superb swimming pool with 2 smaller pools for the kids as well as a hot pool. We bought at the end of 2006. Have been living there happily ever since. At the time we were working for another property developer. Were already living on the island so we were able to spend a lot of time looking at all the other developments.