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Parasailing in Phuket, ThailandIn reality, the masses who buy into new condos and pay a premium price for them, are likely to be hit the most if the economy turns out negative. Also, many tenants are not ‘wowwed’ by the newness of a condo in the same way a buyer is. Instead, they are often more interested in the unit area, quality of interior decoration and rental price. For those expecting good rental returns might be disappointed in the short term as the entry of new units will continue to exert pressure on condo rental rates. Many people expect the condo market to remain buoyant for the next few years followed by a downward correction in prices. Units of older condos whose prices have not increased so rapidly over the last 3 years are likely to be the least affected. However, this may not be the case. In the medium term, prices are expected to either settle for say 4-5 years before the next boom, or we will see a fall in prices. Construction costs have also increased over the last few years, squeezing developers’ profit margins and further increasing the price of new condos.m. Recent increases in interest rates will cause most mortgage owners and borrowers to think twice about buying, and further increases in interest rates are expected. So what will be the outcome? These interest rate increases, in line with increases in construction costs, will also burden the developer, forcing them to increase unit prices. Less people buying, unit prices increasing, followed by even less people buying. The high price of buying. Increased cost of borrowing push demand down. Construction levels remain high, but have been controlled somewhat due to restrictions in bank lending, which will help to lessen the impact of any economic depression. But what about supply? It’s not a question of if; it’s a question of when.

The owner needs a quick sale, so the price is pretty good. 124,441). All the furniture is included too. What is it like? The apartment has 115m2 of living space. Outside there is a small garden. Inside is an open plan living room with a large fully-fitted kitchen and 3 en-suite bedrooms. A private terrace. It’s on the ground-floor which, according to a rental company who handle the resort, is the most popular. What about the development? Where is it? It’s a 2.2km drive to the beach, town and restaurants. The complex is surrounded by virgin rainforest. There are 45 apartments in 7 buildings, set within landscaped gardens. You have a choice of 4 swimming pools; 2 lap pools (25 metres and 20 metres), a large family pool and a kid’s pool. They take care of the common areas, pools, gardens, and security. Management is provided by a top international company. Is it a good investment? I spoke to a local company who manage 22 of the 45 apartments. And they have the last 4 years accounts to prove it. So you can check this for yourself. Remember, that is the average. That makes your rental yield around 7.69% nett – after all taxes and fees. With this apartment you are likely to make more because the ground-floor is the most popular. Ownership is leasehold with 24 years left to run. After that, you are entitled to two, 30 year extensions. A total of 84 years. 3,563). That pays for the upkeep of the gardens, pool maintenance, common area lighting and security.

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