How to buy a House in Phuket

House in the Garden District of New OrleansWe are ready to be of service to you in every stage of the transaction. After selecting a property, to guarantee his/her intention to purchase the chosen real estate, the buyer makes a deposit, which serves as a reservation payment. Contact details of the parties. As a rule, the preparation and signing of the contract takes place within a month after making the deposit. New conditions can be attached to the main contract. What is the difference between the purchase and sale of existing real estate and of an off-plan property or property under construction? The down payment plan may vary, depending on the conditions specified in the agreement. The most important difference, when dealing with a private person vs. However, it is not unusual for a buyer not to have enough funds available to cover the transaction in full. If this is the case, there is no need to worry, because this can always be negotiated case by case with the property owner.

You may be allowed to pay by an instalment plan. However, this is usually for no more than a year and you will only receive the proof of ownership after paying the full value of the property. The buyer makes a first deposit. The developer usually provides a standard contract, which can be amended with the necessary adjustments once you have reached agreement on what should be included. The size of the deposit depends on the total amount of the transaction (typically 30-50% of the total cost). After signing the contract the future owner transfers 20-30% of the total value of the property to the seller. You have the right to request a translation of the agreement. Then the buyer agrees to 3 additional payments of equal amounts. Final payment occurs after the completion of construction, before receiving the keys and registration address. IMPORTANT:All payments should be recorded in the relevant legal documents! Not every bank can open accounts for foreigners without a long-term visa or work permit. However, there is a caveat. This is where most of the associated additional costs will be incurred. But again there is no need to worry; we will help you to resolve this issue. Furthermore, the additional charges will depend on the method of acquisition of real estate and other factors. Our services are free for the client. Registration of the company if the transaction is issued to a legal entity. Our commission is paid by the seller.

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The reflecting pools cool the roof surface through evaporation and the planters, through their inert body mass, heat far slower than roofing materials such as concrete or wood. This modern solution is not only energy efficient but visually charming. To stop the project jutting out of the landscape, the decision was made to dig the buildings into the site. The excavated material was then used for wall cladding. Local materials, especially stones and rocks, have also been integrated into the project as a way of creating a symbiosis between the building and the land it occupies. The importance of sympathising with the location was inherent to the entire design approach. Scenic features such as natural rock formations. Trees were deliberately included in the plan. The comparison between Traditional Thai and Modern is complex – but references can be clearly seen,” he said. “It is rare to see a Thai-western fusion that truly addresses all issues.

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