Loma Park Family Vacation in Phuket

d Mark branding d d logo d mark design flat icon identity letter lettermark logo logomark mark monogram typography vectorPhuket‘s culture and child-friendly attitude makes it a preferred destination by families as well as those who prefer an easy going atmosphere. The ocean waters are clean, shallow and the perfect temperature providing ideal conditions for kids who love a good splash around. The soft sandy beaches provide the ideal playground for children. A relaxing outing for parents as well. For families keen on experiencing more than just the beaches and ocean waters the area features a range of nature parks and recreational parks which are ideal for children as well as adults. There are various waterfalls within the national park providing lovely settings for relaxation. This play area boasts slides and swings, which are guaranteed to keep the children busy, as well as an open ground for the young and the old to play or relax in. Patong beach resort area is a much sought after attraction therefore accommodation in the vicinity is preferred by families.

Thailand represents world’s one of the most auspicious. Tourist-centric very awesome places that one can ever dream of visiting at. Since the country’s being in touch with the global nations has also benefited foreigners to understand the cultural aspects of the country in a meaningful term by cultivating relation with the native citizens of the country. Tourists from most parts of the world, who are acquainted with the lucrative real estate opportunities offered by the nation, visit the place to make investment in property or buy their dream house here. Moreover, the country’s having a wide range of beautiful sightseeing places, skyscrapers and hotels, schools and institutions of international standards contribute significantly to make the land a beautiful paradise for outsiders. What’s wrong if you have the opportunity of buying such a paradise like place at the cost that you can easily afford? Even though some issues for foreigners with regards to buying a property in the country prevail, the law systems of the country have many friendly options for buyers to cope with them easily and buy a property of their desire easily.

We can help you! We offer condos that are a perfect hybrid between an apartment and a house. Whether you want to purchase a luxury condo to live in or are looking at options for buying a condo for investment, our properties are the right choice. We provide exceptional amenities for a luxurious and comfortable life in a beautiful backdrop, close to nature. We provide the perfect solutions for those looking to buy a condo for investment or themselves. Our luxury condos are designed to meet varied needs and reflect your personality and your appreciation of the exquisite and elegant elements of life. They are more economical when compared to other types of real estate properties, such as a single-family home. Our properties are located in a great neighbourhood, where the cost of living is reasonable. Our luxurious properties are in desirable neighbourhoods that provide a great lifestyle. Nestled in the heart of the town, our new luxury condominiums offer refined and relaxed living in an exclusive setting.

Also, they have the potential to bring you a great return on investment. If you are looking to buy a condo for investment, our properties are an ideal fit. Our luxury condos are a picture of sophistication and elegance and can yield a good return on investment in the form of monthly rental income. When buying a condo with us, you also have the option of seasonal rentals that can help you cover a year’s worth of maintenance costs easily. One of the biggest perks of buying a condo with us is that our properties are quite easy to maintain. Our properties are artfully crafted in a way that you don’t have to worry about fixing the roof, mowing the yard, shovelling the snow, and other chores. This creates a demand for renting our condos, making it easier for you to find reliable tenants. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we offer on-time, reliable services when it comes to new condos for sale.

Phuket Beachfront Villas - Beach Access Pool Villa at Anantara PhuketThe entertainment industry is well developed here: there are many bars and restaurants, as well as various show programmes and parties. The most popular properties in the area are condominiums and apartment buildings. Completion in: 2025. The type of ownership is determined even before a building permit is obtained. In general, leasehold is issued for 30 years with the right to extend it for up to 90 years. Real estate in this resort is perfect for active sports enthusiasts (windsurfing, paragliding, etc.) and beach lifestyle lovers. However, leasehold properties are on average 10% cheaper. Leasehold housing can be sold, inherited, and donated, just like freehold real estate. Apartment buildings (single owner of the whole building). Thai property law divides residential complexes into condominiums (shared ownership). Apartments in apartment buildings can only be purchased by foreigners on a leasehold basis. On the other hand, condos in condominiums can be sold to foreigners as freehold property. Most apartment complexes and villa communities in tourist areas are managed by hotel operators or management companies owned by developers. However, there are special quotas put in place for such transactions: only 49% of the total condominium area can be owned in freehold by foreigners, the remaining 51% of the building can only be sold to a foreign individual on a leasehold basis. Typically, contracts with property owners specify a fixed amount of income, and the yield is 5-10%. There are also hybrid contracts, for example, with a buyback guarantee or with yields which are calculated based on the results of the tourist season.

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