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D brand branding d design font identity illustration leaf letter logo logotype purpleWe supply all our bikes with 2 crash helmets (if required) and can deliver to you at your hotel, resort or villa rental etc. We generally prefer to have as much notice as possible for advance bookings but we can generally also cater for last minute bookings as well. All our motorbikes are well maintained and checked regularly. We require a copy of your passport and 1,000 baht deposit and we give you a full written rental agreement for the hire of the bikes. We will always reply to your motorbike enquiry bookings within an hour of receiving the form. Please call us for any further information on the numbers below or use our quick contact below. Simple to ride and extremely cheap to run and great for dodging through traffic. We will deliver and collect your bike to and from your accommodation. Rental periods can be from 4 days upwards. We offer a comprehensive service at competitive prices. You will need to supply a copy of your passport, pay a deposit and sign our rental form and you will be away! We keep our bikes in top notch condition. Roads are often full of potholes. The law says you and any passengers must wear crash helmets and again without one, you can expect a similar fine. Bumps so you need to be aware. There are many repair shops aroud the island if you have problems such as a flat tyre and they are generally very cheap.

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