Phuket Property Transformers Price Cuts in Disguise

Kata Gardens Penthouse seaview with rooftop pool (8C)It had a bit of an ocean view. Was close to the beach. Roger decided to do some research. The asking price? 7.8m Baht.2m. As you can imagine, he wished he’d offered less. It seemed that after he’d paid all his monthly costs – he wouldn’t make much profit at all. He compared the rental prices of similar apartments on-line. And to make things worse – there was an electricity transformer right in front of his future living room window. Of course, the agent and developer both insisted it would be moved. This one is no different from most. And he’d have to rely on agents to get him tenants – always a bit hit and miss. It’s not run as a resort. And capital appreciation will be low too. Because the project is complete so prices are at their highest. The worst thing is, there is undeveloped land in front of the building. In my opinion, he’d be lucky to make a 3% rental return. And that will have a big effect on the value. Obviously, the agent and the developer both said this could never happen. But do you believe them? There’s also that transformer. All the apartments have unobstructed ocean views. Roger was surprised that its 2 beaches were so quiet. It took us less than 5 minutes to get to there. And because this place only launched about a year ago, the prices are still good. The resort will be run as a 5-star hotel – so rental returns should be high -. Interestingly both apartments are the same price. The developer is offering a 5% rental guarantee for 2 years. The stock market did crash whilst he was here. I hope he got his money out in time.

However, doing some simple, but crucial research about the service providers can help you find one of the best. This will help you check if they are licensed and certified or not. Some of the best ways to proceed with background check are – consulting your friends and relatives, leafing through various travel magazines and the best one is visiting their websites. What to do next? Remember – always select a travel agent with proper and necessary credentials. Once you have selected a travel agency, it’s the time to clear all your doubts before selecting a property. Otherwise, you might not get what you are looking for. However, there are plenty of other alternatives you can opt for. If you are a foreigner, most probably you won’t be allowed to own a land. So, if you don’t make it clear beforehand, then you might get into trouble. Likewise, there are many other considerations that need to be addressed like cost of land the requirements for buying a property. However, the bottom line should be – educate yourself about the laws and other rules and regulations before purchasing a property. If you don’t consider the same, then you are more likely to get into trouble in the future. After all, buying a home is one of the biggest investments of one’s life. So, you need to be very careful.

Rice Farm - تصوير عبدالعزيز جوهر حيات - This photo was taken… - FlickrWell, this place is blessed with relaxing tropical ambience and houses a number of beautiful beaches. So, you won’t find it hard to find a home here. Anyone who wants to lead a peaceful life in the lap of nature and at the same time is a party animal, this city is one of the best destinations. Such agents keep a track of all the properties that are available for sale in different locations. However, make sure to do thorough research before zeroing in on a property. These days, most of such professionals operate through websites. So, they can provide you with the list of houses as per your requirements. Moreover, you will be able to compare the features and prices various properties. How to find a reliable real estate agent? So, visiting then will give you a precise idea about the properties listed with them. To find out the best out of all the service providers claiming to be the best can be taxing to your mind.

Thailand remains one of the most popular locations for property investment as tourism grows each year. Residential condos are also built as apartment complexes, but condo units are wholly-owned, unlike apartments rented by their tenants. A condo, a word typically shortened from a condominium, is a form of real estate divided into multiple units, each of which is owned separately. In addition, individual unit owners also generally own the common areas of the property, such as hallways, walkways, swimming pools, gyms, laundry rooms, etc., as well as common facilities and amenities, such as lifts. The distinction between a condo. There will be condos in almost every city and town, but there are a few main areas in which most foreigners purchase. An apartment complex is strictly legal. The property purchased must be part of the project’s 49% surface that could be owned by foreigners. This can be easily verified at the developer’s office directly with the juristic responsible. Section 19 of the condo act governs foreign ownership and this section restricts foreign ownership to 49% of the total floor area of all units together in a condo building.e.

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