Phuket Visitor’s Heaven

Trail & cabin in the SmokiesPHUKET!! The name echoes in one’s mind whenever there is a discussion about beaches, diving, vacationing or merely about sight seeing. Phuket is a glorious. An out of the ordinary place. But merely coming on vacations and visiting the place for sight seeing is not the only reason why the place is growing on the popularity charts. Another reason is the enormous options that the place presents with respect to the accommodation facilities of the vacationers, be it private or in hotels and resorts. The place is renowned as the top ten diving sites in the whole wide world. Living alongsidePhuket is like living a dream. Phuket is swiftly gaining popularity as the novel up-and-coming beach tropical vacation spot. Sightseers from all over the world expend their time at the beaches of the exotic place or at the bars that the place owns. Phuket has got the whole lot of adventure and serenity at the similar time for one and all, as it possesses calm isolated beaches to the wildest nightlife one can ever envisage. These regions are on the whole, sought out by individuals, families and other groups with a predilection for more tranquil and less jam-packed surroundings.

And let’s not forget meditation. Coconut palms fringing white sandy beaches. Lush islands dotting the horizon as local fishing boats drift by. It’s just one picture postcard moment after another. Locally produced beer, rum and even wine are available to complement any gourmet experience but you’ll find your favourite western beverage brands readily available too. Whether it’s making an offering or honouring ancestors, there’s a complex and spiritual aspect to life in this ancient country. For instance, you will notice the many shrines and temples dotted around the country. When entering any temple, you are expected to cover your shoulders. Dresses and trousers should cover the knees. Also, all visitors to holy sites, remove their shoes at the doorway. Generally, photography is permitted but do check with each individual location. Private homes, some shops also expect a visitor to remove shoes. No beach wear or skimpy clothing is permitted. More traditional towns of this country. Be mindful of this as you travel through some of the smaller. These are revered individuals. If you blunder and get it wrong, a sincere apology usually resolves the dilemma quickly. Thailand is a spectacular country that brings together every desirable aspect of a vacation. By respecting these traditions and beliefs, we create an easy rapport with local people when we enter their world on their terms. Heavenly beaches, great weather, extraordinary views, a rich culture, a vibrancy that melds the past and present. The colourful cities, the endless beaches woo travellers of all ages. It’s a country that has seen much change over the centuries, evolving into the unique destination that it is today. With so much to enjoy and explore, it’s a world like no other.

This island is close to the equator. A fabulous honeymoon destination where you can indulge in some wonderful pampering and relaxation. Benefits from year-round temperatures that rarely fluctuate. This is really the best part of visiting this island. At 222 square miles, you can visit the tropical interior of the island. The spectacular beaches and crystal clear waters are all part of its incredible charm. You will find lots of craft fairs. It’s at the heart of what’s happening on the island. Markets taking place around the island. This is a wonderful place to enjoy some day dives and scuba diving. Do not forget your camera. It has established itself at the forefront of the global wellness movement. It’s one naturally occurring beautiful view after another. Your body is repositioned throughout the process to help produce greater range of motion, deep relaxation or generate natural energy. With a wealth of divine natural ingredients, herbs and spices that are filled with goodness, tasteful and sumptuous feasts can be prepared that support your well-being while still feeling wonderfully indulgent.

lightsWhere is Thailand? In fact, the very term ‘thai’ is believed to mean ‘human being’ or ‘free man’. The tradition of warm hospitality, respect for elders and their royal family, adherence to traditions are fundamental aspects of life. Let’s take a quick trip through some of the regions to get a flavour of what this diverse country can offer. With a population of over 10 million people, this is the capital city and administrative centre for the whole country. Let’s take a quick tour now. The more dramatic of them are found in the northern region of the country. So much of the history of this city is found in this extraordinary place. Bangkok is a city of extremes. From affluent districts to densely populated slum areas, from 21st century modernity to ancient temples, there’s a lot of take in. All along its coast are gloriously sandy beaches with coral islands dotted offshore.