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Batch: 1/3 Photoshoot: Personal Content Model @luca_vezzola (Instagram) Camera: Sony A7 Mark 3 Lens: Sony FE 85mm F1.8This is very tough question to answer as real estate investments have been by far the most treasurable business. Is it the only place or does it have something durable where our investments would be secured and would give us profits in long run. Invests in something worthwhile. Play your cards wisely; this is your hard earned money. The most desirable apartments end up giving you many booking for rent during holidaying season. Viewing highly recommended for life time investment. They will negotiate buying and selling prices and arrange the mandatory technical certification on the condition of the property. Operated by leading hotel brands are offering fixed percentage returns usually between 5% to 8% over a specific number of years. Investmentproperties in luxury high end developments together with branded villas in mixed use resorts managed. So think and research as much as you can to pick right real estate companies that would make your dream come true.

treeIt’s important to be respectful when visiting temples. It’s also good practice to take your shoes off in homes, temples, and to avoid shaking hands, giving hugs, and touching your feet or others’ heads. When traveling to another country, it’s easy to overlook that place’s cultural norms. But being culturally sensitive will help you not only gain respect as a traveler, condo for sale pattaya thailand but it will also help you gain insight into the values of the people you’re visiting. The first must-know is how to greet locals in their language. Use the “wai” gesture to greet locals. Thais are all about being polite and respectful, even when greeting a stranger. To greet, you say “sa-waa-dii-ka” if you’re female, or “sa-waa-dii-krap” if you’re male, and use a gesture known as a “wai” as you say it. Thais “wai” at the temple when they pray, will sometimes”wai” when they say kap-khun-ka (thank you), and when they greet others. To perform a “wai,” you place your palms together like a prayer over your nose, and bow slightly.

You may use the greeting when you arrive and leave a place, when passing by locals, or when greeting a monk. Thailand is a hot destination for backpackers. Thai, and “mai riap roi” translates to not appropriate. To dress “riap roi,” err on the side of conservative. So although tourists are permitted to take photos with them, they are expected to dress appropriately and be respectful. Don’t mix your food. Be respectful when visiting temples. Be sure to save fruit for dessert. A person who feels greng-jai may be hesitant to accept help from someone else. The literal translation for the phrase “jai-yen-yen” is “cool your heart.” The closest English equivalent is “take it easy” or “calm down.” Someone may say it to a friend who is anxious, scared, stressed or who is just asking too many questions. If you’re a foodie, you’re in the right country. Jai-yen-yen always has a positive connotation, and is meant to help someone relax and feel better. Although in some contexts this phrase is used as “never mind” or “no problem,” it’s primarily used to reassure someone not to worry. Like “jai-yen-yen,” this phrase is reflective of the Thai way of living, and you are sure to hear it on your visit to Thailand.

The cost of construction depends on the quality of materials, architecture, level of planning, and construction management. The cost of construction of the structure of a condominium building is low. Relatively the same across the developments in various market sectors. The pronounced difference in costs comes in the finishing and the amount spent on the type and quality of materials. The knock-on effect is that price of condos that have quality sea views and/or are located close to the beach is increasing quicker than the market in general. For example, wooden flooring can often cost 5 to 7 times the price of regular tile flooring. Other factors that affect demand include the general health of the world and regional economy and local political stability.5m visitors a year. The signs are that value of premium sea view properties will be sustained into the future. This increase in visitor numbers will continue to fuel the real estate market as tourists evolve into repeat visitors and expats often seeking the three-fold benefits of a holiday home, a decent return on investment and healthy capital gains. There will be some reductions in short-term demand caused by various factors that will have a knock-on effect on prices but the mid to long-term picture looks promising.

Facilities and services include a swimming pool, a garden and air conditioning. Facilities and services: a pool table, fast check-in/out and a bar. This accommodation also has a terrace! Facilities and services: a wheelchair friendly access, a swimming pool and a fridge. Services and facilities include an airport shuttle, a garden and a coffee place. Take advantage of the terrace in this apartment! Services and facilities: a jacuzzi, an elevator and a fridge. Services and facilities include a concierge, a pool table and air conditioning. Facilities and services include a washing machine, a swimming pool and a business center. Facilities and services: a kitchen, air conditioning and free parking. Facilities and services: a terrace, a washing machine and a garden. Facilities and services include a restaurant, a child space and a fridge. Facilities and services: air conditioning, an iron and a washing machine. Services and facilities include free parking, a washing machine and a fitness center. Services and facilities: a jacuzzi, a kitchen and a swimming pool.