17 EPIC Hidden Gems in Bangkok you Haven’t Heard Of

"What Is In A Breakfast From A Hotel In Bangkok?"This incredible city has so much to discover, and some truly offbeat, unexpected, and even strange places! The museum was under construction for years, having started in 1994 and completed in 2002. The elephant is the largest free-standing statue in the country! The three-headed elephant stands atop an elegant pink building with a lavish, jeweled staircase inside. The bottom floor is supposed to represent the underworld, the second floor the earth, and the top – heaven, shown by the world map and zodiac symbols on the stained glass ceiling. The whole space of the museum is stunning, with manicured gardens, running water, and bedazzled creatures. It doesn’t stop there, however. There’s even ethereal music playing over the speakers as well as colorful elephants over the walking tracks that make a sound when you pass by. Make an offering to different hindu gods at smaller temples as you walk around, or enjoy the space that seems miles from civilization.

You must may 200 baht to enter, which is a credit towards food and drink. You can either pay the difference if you spend more or you can have them keep the change if you spend less. I recommend walking up to the 50th floor (which has its own bar too) at least for a while to take photos; this floor also has a better sunset view. It has cool brutalist architecture adorned with plants, and has a great vibe on any night of the week (for food) and any day (for shopping or even working out). It’s great place to meet up for the night or hang out where locals go. The views are panoramic in every direction, and the decor is woodsy and floral. Now, the games begin (spoilers ahead)! Bangkok! Once you walk inside, you will find a tiny room with 3 walls of lockers. The cocktails are named after decades, with different fashion choices, iconic bands, or foods.

Bangkok, as we all know, is one of the most popular cities across the world. The unique combination this city offers creates an unforgettable experience which you’ll talk about to your peers and family members for years to come. The famous tourist destinations, the fast lifestyle, high class hotels, notorious nightlife (that can be explored with your spouse as well!), and some deliciously healthy food for foodies makes Bangkok a truly must visit destination. Getting to visit a popular destination at low costs is what makes a tourist destination highly coveted and enjoyable.e. In fact, being a famous tourist spot, it has a lot of hotels of all kinds, right from expensive 5 stars to inexpensive yet decent ones. Some hotels even offer complementary buffet breakfast with menu that includes the best of juices, toast, tea and coffee, croissants, pancakes with jam and a few local delicacies. Even if it’s not located in the heart of the city, it should offer you easy access to public transport.

If you plan on renting it out, one of the immediate benefits is raking in a monthly income. This is one of the primary reasons why it is wise to invest, especially since a lot of people – foreigners and locals alike, and especially the suburbanites – prefer the condo lifestyle and deem it more convenient and well-located. But, it is sound to say that this kind of real estate investment is a superb choice to make. You wouldn’t want to miss out now. Research shows that in the future there will be limited supply of the luxury and high-end of the market. If there is an ideal time to invest, now is the perfect moment, when the stakes aren’t so high yet and competition is not yet fiercest. Bangkok is deemed to be one of the best places to make this investment as real estate in the city is relatively affordable.

Why waste so much of your money renting a condominium or paying for luxury accommodations in a five-star hotel when you can just invest in your own condo? You mean, legally. If you are a business person who is looking where to invest wisely his/her money in a foreign place, investing in a condo is the ideal answer. But the question is: can you? Not only do you have the option to generate money out of it by renting it to others, you can also opt to make it your personal abode during holidays when you’re visiting the city. There are a range of units you can choose from. Bangkok condos for sale are even available for assessment online. With a diverse range of real estate investments, choosing the perfect one may be a bit tricky. Bangkok condo sale can be searched online. If you are seriously considering about purchasing one now, you may be pondering the benefits of such purchase.