Vital Pieces Of “Anantara Bangkok”

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"Bangkok Properties For Sale Cheap"The gym at the Four Seasons is a luxurious fitness facility; however, it might be difficult to find, depending on where you’re staying in the hotel. This caused some frustration on my end: I wanted to know how to get to the gym, so as instructed, I tried to use the in-room tablet to communicate with the front desk. It’s not a big deal, but it just sticks out as a friction point because the technology was heavily promoted as the key mode of communication. I never got an answer to my question, and I ended up calling down. By the time I finally figured it out, I realized I couldn’t just take an elevator to the floor with the fitness center. Instead, I had to go downstairs, walk through the entire lobby, and then head back upstairs to the gym and lap pool area. I didn’t feel so bad doing this in the morning since it was early and I needed to change into my swimsuit anyway.

There was a large TV that I didn’t use, but it did allow guests to stream content from their own mobile devices. There was also a very well-stocked minibar that I did frequently use for the free Nespresso because the jet lag was beginning to hit pretty hard at this point of my trip. The minibar included free tea, Nespresso, and snacks like rice crackers and Thai mango gummies. There were also local beers from Boon Rawd Brewery and pre-made cocktails from the hotel’s own BKK Social. There were various snacks and beverages available for purchase, from potato chips to dried Thai strawberries on the snack front and sparkling water and Champagne on the drink front. The guest room was very well thought out, and even small corners featured design flourishes like a purple orchid here or an ornate ceramic jar there. One of the touches I appreciated was a beach bag made of recycled materials hanging in the closet next to the bath robes.

With morning laps in the pool still fresh on my mind, I attempted to be healthy at first, nibbling on fresh fruit, smoked salmon and an assortment of salads. I quickly caved on a second pass, however, after I saw the crispy bacon, the green curry omelet and those shrimp dumplings. Throughout my brief stay, the level of service at the hotel was stellar without being overbearing. Once again: Four Seasons Bangkok, take me back! When I stopped by the front desk to ask about touring some nearby attractions, the concierge was more than happy to map out several itineraries for me depending on how ambitious I was feeling. The concierge also recommended walking to some local stores and restaurants which I appreciated. Again, for a place set back behind a wall, it’s nice to see how the property embraces the surrounding community. This was also evident in the hotel’s art gallery, which is dedicated to Thai artists.

Once again, I ran into Gift and Philip as well as the rest of the talented team. It was fun to see the bar at this point of the evening, as there was a broad cross-section of patrons – from local residents to travelers – passing through. The courtyard outside was packed with folks clearly busy self-producing fashion shoots for their Instagram and TikTok feeds. The following morning, I went down to Riva Del Fiume, which hosts the morning breakfast buffet. Breakfast was included in my stay, and it was hard to finally throw in the towel after trying my best. There were stations for everything, from dim sum, pork buns and miso soup to spicy Thai green curry omelets with sweet chili, basil and garlic. Guests could also request other egg creations, but who is going to say no to a green curry omelet? There were waffles, French toast, a gluten-free bread station, a very glutenous bread station and even an area for breakfast pizzas.