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Even if you did and you find yourself with a few empty days, there’s a huge variety of day trips that you can book yourself onto. You’ll be able to explore the untouched jungles, swim in the emerald-coloured lagoons, and hike up to a view that will be burnt into your mind for eternity. The flavour combinations of sweet, salty, sour, and spicy are just so unique and unlike anything else you’ll find in the world. As well as these options, the island is home to plenty of independent, boutique shops where you’ll find quaint, unique products for sale allowing you to really contribute to the local economy. The island offers a really diverse culinary scene with a wide variety of options for you to choose from. As well as flying, you can also reach the island by ferry. Many restaurants will offer freshly caught seafood, including whole grilled snapper, steamed clams, and fried squid with garlic and pepper. It shows, and finding other travelers on the island is unavoidable. 2. There are plenty of beaches, sure, but aside from that, there weren’t any exciting attractions. 3. Everything from eating out to prices of accommodation, is more expensive than other islands. With every plus, there is always a drawback.7 km² and hosts 2.7 million travelers a year – that’s a lot of people on not a lot of landmass. While it is expensive compared to other islands, it’s still only marginally so (we’re talking an extra $1 or $2). If you enjoy beaches, you may want to stay longer, or take a boat to its neighboring islands. It’s also popular for its white sand beaches. World-class resorts that offer exceptional service. There are many pros and cons, as you can see in this guide, but we feel the pros outweigh the cons.

"rawai condominium phuket"3. Samui’s interior is covered in thick, green lush jungle giving you a peaceful retreat from the busy coastline. Along the beaches, if you’ve got a snorkel handy, you may also notice the vibrant coral reefs that call the island home, teeming with marine life. All along the beaches there are plenty of beach bars and restaurants allowing you to enjoy a cocktail or three, dance to live music, and enjoy the dazzling fire shows that takes place most evenings. 4. As well as the statue, the temple complex is beautiful, with many smaller statues to see and locals selling all sorts of products. 6. It’s one of the best islands to snorkel around due to the clear waters. Vibrant coral reefs found on the eastern side of the island. Many tour operators offer a half-day or full-day experience so there’s something to suit most budgets. 7. There’s simply so much to see. Do that you’re almost guaranteed to not fit everything in.

But why is that? The answer largely depends on the kind of experience you are looking for. If you love adventure, you won’t find much of that here. Well, you’d be absolutely correct. It’s a popular hot spot for families, and groups of friends looking to take advantage of the beaches by day, and nightlife by night. This fairly large island is home to plenty of beautiful beaches, with each one offering a unique atmosphere and beauty. Many hotels and resorts reside along this stretch of sand all contributing to the cleanliness of the sands. We can’t mention them all, but here are some of our favourites from the island. It’s backed up by an endless row of green palm trees, swaying in the sea breeze, as well as several bars and restaurants for you to chill in too. This small and rustic beach is perfect for a quiet afternoon of lazing around, fringed by plenty of palm trees and huge granite boulders giving it a unique aesthetic.