“premium Properties Koh Samui” : The Ultimate Convenience!

"buying property in phuket"Lub d is a short walk to the beach where you can enjoy the blue waters. Lay out in the sun all day so that you can get a nice tan. Or simply relax at the infinity pool. Activities at the hotel include tennis, swimming, surfing, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling and hiking. Then head to the spa for a treatment. Enjoy the beachfront property, ocean views and outdoor pools and bars that this exclusive hotel has to offer. It’s great for couples as all villas come with an outdoor pool. Plus, there are yoga and cooking classes that you and your partner can take together. Walk to the beach when you want to spend the day laying on the sand and soaking up the sun. This hotel is located only a few minutes from the beach so you can enjoy the tropical getaway in minutes, without having to rent a car, which saves you money in travel costs that you can use on spa treatments and refreshing drinks or cocktails by the pool.

"long term house for rent in phuket thailand"An outdoor pool that has a panoramic view of the ocean. 2. With plenty of beach bars, shopping and nightclubs, you will have an amazing holiday for sure. With its luxury rooms, an outdoor pool, and spas and saunas for the most relaxing experience, you will feel like you are living in the lap of luxury. With oceanfront bars and restaurants and a beachfront infinity pool, this resort feels like a 5-star hotel in every way, except for the cost-effective price. With luscious sandy beaches and clear waters, the days offer gorgeous views, water activities and a big beach to just relax and a vibrant nightlife during the evening for you and your friends to drink and dance the night away. You can still have a great experience while saving some money to use for activities and going out. This resort comes with an outdoor swimming pool, billiards, and bike hire for traveling around the area for those who want to do some exploring of the surrounding area during the day.

This hotel has elegant suites that are close to the beach, a swimming pool if you choose to skip the beach for a day, and a spa and wellness center for days full of rest, relaxation, and extra pampering. This mid-range hotel offers accommodations with panoramic views, a tropical retreat that features all-day dining for early mornings and late nights, and a swimming pool that looks out to the ocean. The air-conditioned villas come fully equipped and have private balconies and wonderful showers. Whether you are backpacking alone, or you have a travel buddy or your partner with you, there are some great hotel options that accommodate any type of traveler. Trips for sunset tours, fishing, or biking can be arranged at the front desk for those who want to enjoy some outdoor activity. You can relax by the pool and enjoy cold drinks and cocktails while laying in the sun and working on your tan.

This resort offers beautiful rooms with private balconies, a lovely lush garden and a health and wellness center where guests can schedule massages and beauty treatments. It’s the perfect place at the right price. This guesthouse offers a convenient, daily maid service so that those traveling alone won’t need to worry about cleaning while on their vacation. The infinity pool has views of the ocean so you can feel like you are swimming on your own private beach. With fantastic, uncrowded beaches framed with plenty of palm trees to find shade and solitude, you can spend days and evenings out by the water. The hotel also has a beachfront pool, fitness facilities for those who want to burn some calories before hitting the beach, and a spa that offers massages. This resort offers guests modern bungalows with oceanfront views. Love this? Pin to save on Pinterest. Each air-conditioned room comes with a private balcony that looks out over the ocean. Please note, this post may contain affiliate links, which means that – at absolutely no cost to you – we earn a small commission on sales generated through this website. We only recommend sites we actually use. Thank you for your support!

Amenities: massage, restaurant, and indoor pool on-site. So getting to either isle will require traveling via ferry or airplane. Crossing over will take you anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours, depending on the type of ferry you board. A ferry will cost you about $22 to $25. The bus transit may be the longer route, taking about 13 to 16 hours but halfway through your trip, you’ll stop for a meal. The ride will take about an hour and 30 minutes to two hours and cost between $20 and $29. This means cars aren’t really an option for getting around the island, so you’ll have to opt for a scooter. Book your ferry tickets here. Enjoy white sand beaches, serene bays for swimming, and vibrant coral reefs for snorkeling and diving. Fortunately, it is a pretty big island, and you can still find secluded more peaceful beaches and quieter restaurants if you stay clear of the most popular areas. You’ll also find it much easier to get from place to place; renting a car or taxi for your next adventure is pretty straightforward. This stunning paradise boasts pristine beaches, unparalleled snorkeling, and exceptional diving opportunities. You’ll find lots of beautiful places to discover that won’t be packed full of tourists and deserted bays, making you feel like you’re on a private island. Both islands offer pristine turquoise beaches with bustling food and night markets and some of the most epic moon parties in the world. Which is the best? In our opinion, visit both and decide on lived experiences.