Buy House or Pool Villa for Sale in Phuket Thailand

Logo Design 3d animation app branding design graphic design illustration logo motion graphics ui vectorUnlike many other real estate offices that have come and gone, we have been successfully growing our business and our reputation for over 20 years. There’s never been a better time to jump in, embrace a new way of life and make your dreams come true! Once you’ve answered this most important question, we can get to work and help you find a condo that is perfectly suited to your way of life and budget. We also have many homes in our portfolio that would be highly suitable to consider as an investment. We have many options suitable for investors seeking to capitalise on the growing economic opportunities here in the land of smiles. Here again, there is no need for you to feel overwhelmed and unsure. Property dealings in foreign jurisdictions can be stressful, with many unknown dangers and pitfalls lurking for the inexperienced. Throughout all that time, we’ve been building a solid reputation for honesty and integrity, and we are vigilant in continuing to maintain the highest standard of professional ethics in all of our interactions with our clients. As part of our dedication to making the process streamlined (and stress-free), our website is brimming with useful information that we are pleased to offer for any potential buyer or tenant.

This is a substantially better proposition than just a contract with the developer. The foreign party can be appointed to run the company. With legal representation by law firms who are familiar with villa transactions, the process can be made much simpler for a buyer, whether this is under a straight lease or shareholding structure.e. This needs to be thoroughly understood. Can through shareholders’ loans have additional financial control. Condominiums offer freehold title. The comparative risks evaluated. Foreigners can own up to 49% of the total saleable area of a condominium project on a freehold basis. In order to be able to realize any subsequent sale proceeds you must also remit 100% of the purchase price in foreign currency from abroad, and obtain the correct bank certificates. The owner of a condominium unit will be named on the title deed of the unit, which will also show the common elements of the condominium located outside the unit, e.g. parking space, private garden area. A more limited number of condominium projects, generally those of a superior quality, have full sea views. However, with the added security, you control the land holding company by owning some shares in the said landholding company. This is a straight forward process executed through a simple sales and purchase agreement which gives buyers a clear registered and measured title and cannot be bettered. Shareholding rights offer buyers a voting right in the landholding company to ensure that the rights of leasehold renewals are honoured and renewed. Very simply put, you will lease the unit back to yourself as you control the land holding company together with other unit owners, and the lease can be renewed every thirty (30) years for an unlimited period; all leases granted to shareholders will be renewed on their expiry date, effectively creating what we believe to be a perpetual lease. Most condominiums will have facilities such as swimming pools, clubhouses or sports facilities.

With the scarcity of prime beachfront locations in this area, the south and east coasts have become increasingly popular among homebuyers. Inland sites and golf courses are also being developed. Property buyers continue to focus on the west coast where it is still possible to acquire quality properties with outstanding views. A wide range of developments are now available on the east and south coast and neighbouring islands and provinces. They are normally are part of a resort and usually bought as a holiday home, often with a rental or property management service. However, by this structure, kata beach real estate a foreigner can effectively own land. There are no restrictions on foreigners owning a building out right. Ownership of landed properties is more restricted as foreigners are prohibited to own freehold land. Therefore, the foreigner may own the building erected on the land over which they have a 30 year lease. The maximum lease term allowed to be registered by law is 30 years.

Most luxury resort villas are sold on a 90-year leasehold tenure, comprising a 30-year lease term with an option to renew for a further two terms. The land component on a 90-year lease. The villa is typically sold on freehold. However, we recommend that buyers consider the quality of the contract and the contracting party who guarantees the further lease terms. The contractual right of lease renewal is between the developer or a special purpose company and individual buyers, therefore choosing projects backed by a reputable and financially stable developer is also essential to ensure the options to renew are granted at the end of each lease term as the renewed options cannot be registered against the land title. For added security for buyers, many luxury villas are sold on a leasehold structure with shareholding in the landholding company. Shareholding rights offer buyers a voting right in the landholding company to ensure that the rights of leasehold renewals are honoured.