Buying Property in Phuket

Thung Kha Road, Phuket City - Old Phuket Town, Phuket City, … - Flickr1. Buying property off from the internet and then going out to look at it does not help when the plans don’t match the property or you are looking at the wrong house. Viewing who lives next to you is also very important. You don’t want to be living next to a disco or a slaughter house. 2. It also allows the lawyer to check for any servitudes or usufructs. Some title deeds are very limiting. Mortgage bonds against the property. This is very important as this is where most people will have to right off their investment if it goes wrong. If the building complies with the law such as the parking space law. 3. The construction permits needs to be checked. 5. It the room is 10 meters wide is that the internal measurement or the external measurement of the room? There needs to be a minimum amount of parking spaces for the number of units. All of these issues need to be checked before you buy as the legal recourse is costly and will not do you any good later. Check the property first before you sign! Give us a call!

Why? Because they know they’ll be pampered. You have your own private butler, a personal chef and a housekeeper to keep everything running smoothly. The paparazzi won’t get in. Relax by your private pool, indulge yourself in a spa treatment or have your chef cook you a gourmet dinner – all in the privacy of your own villa. There are just 2, two bedroom villas available – the last of the resort owner’s properties. Everything is provided from the sofas to the bed linen and cutlery. All the private villas are separate from the resort. The villas have their own separate entrance. This means you have all the services of a resort without being inside one. A dedicated management office. But the resort next door provides you with room service, maids, private chefs and pretty much anything else you need. There’s also a good restaurant, a huge swimming pool with a bar, a spa, a gym and a yoga room. Interiors have teak wood floors, doors and ceilings. Your staff will have everything ready for your arrival. And, as they only look after your villa, everything will be exactly how you like it. 8,139,292). As well as giving you a real chance to relax, you’ll find these properties are a good investment. You can make a large income by renting your villa when you are not there.

And what’s worse – when you’ve just stepped off your flight – than running the gauntlet of taxi-touts, eager for your cash? Wouldn’t you prefer to be met by a friendly face who will drive you to your villa – with everything perfect when you get there? From there you’ll enjoy a forty-minute cruise to the resort. Let’s take a look. So put your feet up and relax. When you arrive at your villa, your personal butler will attend to your every need. When you’re not using your villa you have the option to rent it through the resort. The double pool villas have a lap pool and a jet pool. Rooms are in separate pavilions, so there’s plenty of privacy for you and your guests. Again, you’ll have your own private butler to take care of everything. They will also pay you a 6% rental guarantee for 6 years.

Thai law provides for a tax on land but in reality it only rises a few baht a year and is therefore not applied. At first the real estate agent selects the goods and puts his knowledge of the real estate market, developers and the region to the service of the buyer so that the latter finds the property that corresponds to his needs. Things are changing and a property taxe will be applied next year (update 2019). Details to be confirmed. In a second phase, a legal advisor secures the investment. After the signing of a sales agreement and the payment of a deposit to reserve the property at the agreed price, your legal advisor has one month to proceed with the various checks on the sales contract, the land, the title deeds , the promoter and possible mortgages. Your lawyer will modify the sales contract if necessary and send you a full report giving you the green light to sign the sales contract and proceed to the payment.

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