Condominiums in Phuket

5 Best Shopping Spots in Patong BeachThe sum for the maintenance of common property is called a condo fee. Is paid monthly by all owners depending on the number of square meters they own. Every year condo owners pay a maintenance fee – these funds are used to maintain the real estate. One of the advantages of condominiums is that all owners of apartments equally share the costs of maintaining common property. It is more profitable than to pay a large amount regularly by yourself. For those who plan to purchase a condo or rent it for the first time, it will be useful to learn about the rules for living in such complexes. All the problems which may arise during your staying in the condo can be easily solved at the reception or by contacting the management company which provides services to the complex. Despite the fact that the territory of the complex is protected and absolutely safe, you shouldn’t leave your things (for example, bicycles, strollers, etc.) at common places, so as not to disturb other residents.

Choose from a curated selection of ocean wallpapers for your mobile and desktop screens. Always free on Unsplash.Please note that pets are not allowed in condominiums. Waste sorting containers are located in each building. If you are going to the island with your pet, you should consider other types of housing, for example, houses or villas. Quite often, developers offer profitable investment programs for foreigners. Other rules and features of living in condominiums can be found directly in the charter of the complex. The rate of return varies from 7% to 10% from the cost of housing and depends on the number of payments and the duration of the contract. Programs mean that when buying an apartment you can indicate in the contract period when you plan to live in your house, phuket thailand property for sale and the rest of the year the company is obliged to rent out your condo and transfer to your account a percentage of the profit. Help to earn on real estate without any problems. Such offers are very beneficial for investors. All issues related to the search of tenants, support of housing in good condition, collection of fees, conclusion of contracts are undertaken by the company of the developer, which is very convenient! 65 million THB.5 million THB.7 million THB.9 million THB. Take the first step towards your dream!

Cozy apartments in modern complexes are easy to purchase. Condominiums attract with excellent living conditions. Stylish design, the presence of a swimming pool, sports hall, playgrounds and much more on the protected territory – what else is needed for a perfect holiday? Documents are easily processed. In our article we will tell what a condominium is. What the features of living in it are. The legal term “condominium” means a certain form of ownership and disposition of common property. What does condominium mean? Moreover, the concept of “condominium” can be applied both to a separate building and to a complex of houses with a common territory. Each owner of an apartment in a condominium automatically becomes a co-owner of the common property of the complex. The common ownership mainly includes swimming pools, gardens, playgrounds, fitness rooms and other amenities for all residents. Management and maintenance of the common territory is carried out by the association of apartment owners in the condominium.

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Along with shopping, you can also try and relish various cuisines at different restaurants and go to a wellness spa. 2. It’s a weekend night market, so plan your travel accordingly. Tourists are welcome to rent out a boat with a driver and explore this unique experience of shopping and exploring. In contrast, their boat glides over the water. Having such a wide range of collections, it draws in many local and global tourists, which makes the market a bit crowded and sometimes even chaotic. One can enjoy local arts. One can buy souvenirs, fruits, veggies and showpieces. Painting displays beside the typical souvenirs.m. And even though the prices might be higher, you can always bargain to get the best price for the products you’re buying.m. 4.m. to 11 p.m. Well, thankfully, this paradisiacal island isn’t just about beaches and natural beauty. 1. It’s a modern and stunning multi-level mall offering a wide variety of retail stores and a food court.

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